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Niyama Yoga Shala’s Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training programs have been in existence over 25 years. The Yamas and The Niyamas, which are cornerstones of Ayurveda, anchor the teachings of Hatha Yoga taught in our trainings. Our teacher training programs were founded by Diane Finlayson and began in Baltimore, M.D. at Yama Yoga Studio.  Nicole Zornitzer, trained under the guidance of Diane and the Integrative Yoga Therapy team (Joseph & Lilian LePage) & quickly became one of their star students due to her passion for living a yogic lifestyle and commitment to embracing the ethics behind the Yamas and the Niyamas.  In 2009, Nicole & Niyama Yoga Shala were gifted this sacred training program from her mentors and have been actively training students across the country since inception.

With an understanding that not all teacher training programs are the same, it is important that interested students research and educate themselves on what different programs offer.  At Niyama Yoga Shala our foundation are the Yamas and the Niyamas which then enable a student to move forward with proper understanding of Therapeutic Yoga.  As a Yoga Therapist with a team of highly credentialed professionals behind her, Nicole has cornerstoned the market with her teacher training programs.  In addition, her disciples continue to work under her as mentors and teachers to offer an abundance of support during and after all teacher training program.


  • RYT 200
  • RYT 300
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In accordance with Ayurvedic Philosophy, we do not support fast-paced learning and rather embrace our 9-12 month teacher training programs.  It is our belief that information be introduced, self-studied, absorbed, reflected upon, and practiced both on & off of the yoga mat in tandem with highly trained instructors & mentors.  Our team of leaders include:

  • Nicole Zornitzer (Program Director)
  • Stacy Campoli (Lead Teacher Trainer)
  • Sherry Hundal (Philosophy)
  • Amy Matthews & Leslie Kaminoff (Anatomy)
  • Mary McCourt (Specialty Populations)
  • Heidi Camuti (Specialty Populations)
  • Diane Finlayson (Mentor)

**We also have several guest teachers present annually during our RYT 300 training program!

ECUADOR - Residential 200 Hour Teacher Training

Niyama Yoga Shala has expanded to Ayampe, Ecuador, offering a 200-hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program. This 28-day residential course, led by Nicole Zornitzer, provides immersive education in yoga therapy, philosophy, asanas, anatomy, and an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Set in a serene village between jungle and sea, trainees experience modern comforts while embracing tranquility and traditional yoga practices. Accredited by the International Yoga Alliance, this program promises transformational learning and a deep connection with Ayampe’s unique, unmodernized charm.

Therapeutic yoga teacher training program details:

RYT 200 9 month program


(offered annually)

RYT 300 advanced 9 month program


(a private retreat is included/offered annually)

30 hour Yin Yoga teacher training


(offered bi-annually)

Yoga Nidra teacher training


(offered bi-annually)

ECUADOR - Residential 200 Hour Teacher Training


(offered bi-annually)

*Private training is also available and pricing varies based on student’s needs.
*Training programs occur in New Jersey, Florida, and Ayampe, Ecuador.

Our Yoga Alliance accredited training programs vary from in person training to virtual training depending upon the needs of the trainee and we meet 2x per month over the course of the training period.  Our comprehensive RYT200 training provides a solid foundation of the key concepts and philosophy behind traditional Hatha Yoga and the RYT300 advances one’s scope and ultimately enables one to work 1:1 with clients and specialty populations.  Typically, our students decide to further expand their knowledge in our Yin Yoga training and Yoga Nidra training once they experience our offerings.

Exposure to our curriculum, upcoming training dates, presenters, & program details are provided after we meet with prospective students.  There is an application process for all interested yogis to complete after the initial introduction.  Due to our expansive caliber of trainers and intellectual property, we do reserve our program details for only those seriously considering taking this step on their journey.  

At Niyama Yoga Shala we value proper education, commitment to the process, highly motivated people, respect for our leaders and mentors and lineage; therefore, we do screen all prospective students to ensure we are a good fit.  The journey of Therapeutic Yoga is a lifelong practice and Niyama Yoga Shala prides ourselves in the highest quality of education available.

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